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How to Prepare before Meeting a Lawyer

William H. Roberts wants to help you get the most out of your initial visit with a lawyer. Follow the steps below to ensure your meeting goes smoothly and call today if you have further questions.

In the case of wills and powers of attorney:

  1. Prepare a list of the names of all persons who you wish to have act as your Executor (the person who will deal with your property after you die).
  2. Prepare a list of all beneficiaries (persons who will receive money or gifts including your property after you die). Make sure you have all the legal names of beneficiaries, including any other names they may have gone by.
  3. When you want to donate money after your death, please provide the name and contact information of the charity or institution.
  4. Please list any special final wishes you have, including your preference to be buried or cremated. Please also detail any special rites.
  5. If possible, please type and print out the information contained above to assist your legal team to work on your behalf as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  6. In the case of a power of attorney, provide the name or names of the persons you want to make decisions for you if you can no longer make those decisions. The people you ask to act for you are called “attorneys”. Unlike in the United States, the term attorney does not refer to a lawyer. You may want to consider a back-up in the event the person you name is not available in the future.
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