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Find a Lawyer for York (Toronto), Etobicoke, Swansea & West Toronto

William H. Roberts draws from his years of experience to deliver steadfast legal services to clients across York (Toronto), Etobicoke, Swansea and the surrounding area. Regularly presenting matters before the Committee of Adjustment and the Ontario Municipal Board, Mr. Roberts offers a spectrum of legal services.


Count on William H. Roberts for:

  • Notarizing documents
  • Swearing affidavits and declarations
  • Certifying documents
  • Preparing wills and powers of attorney
  • Simple estate matters
  • Preparing affidavits and declarations


He has worked with neighbours, applicants and consultants on Committee of Adjustment matters, including legal advice. He has experience with zoning bylaws, helping his clients follow the intricacies of zoning projects.


What Are Your Fees?

Fees for certifications, notarization services and fully prepared affidavits are $40 for the first document and $15 for each subsequent document.


Fees for drafting and preparing affidavits and declarations will depend on their complexity. Simple documents should range between $40 and $60 while more complex documents should be below $100. These are only estimates and final pricing will be offered personally.


Visit William H. Roberts today to discuss your legal needs in person.

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